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Carlos Marín

Carlos Marín - IL Divo
Born in Rüsselsheim, on October 13, 1968, although raised in Mörfelden-Walldorf (Hesse, Germany) and later in Madrid from the age of 12, Carlos Marín is a Spanish lyric singer, producer and manager, with a very broad vocal register, which ranges from the low register of a baritone to the top register of a dramatic tenor.

At eight years of age, his incipient vocal prodigy made him arrive to release his first album in Germany produced by Pierre Kartner, better known by his pseudonym “Father Abraham”, a renowned Dutch composer and music producer known worldwide for his success “The Song of the Smurfs “. The album, titled “The Little Caruso”, contained songs such as “O Sole Mio” or “Granada”, singing the latter before an audience of 700 people at the age of eight. At the age of ten he released his second album entitled “Mijn Lieve Mama” (My beloved mom) in Dutch.

This first musical experience led him to study piano and solfège and finish his singing career at the Superior Conservatory of Madrid. Later, he expanded his singing studies with the great maestro Alfredo Kraus, with Montserrat Caballé and Jaume Aragall.

Singing is my way of saying what I feel, my way of life. Sometimes when I throw a melody to the audience I feel sad remembering how my father, who unfortunately is no longer with me, liked that song, or melancholy because as time goes by, or joy … the same joy I felt as a child when I sang it for the first time. Singing is what makes me feel alive, so thank you for letting me continue making a living from what I love.

After winning with 19 years the television contest “Gente Joven” in the spanish TV, he went through several television programs as a singer, and with 20 years, he was already a big star in Spain. She made a name in the music and lyrical industry participating in various competitions as a singer: the “Jacinto Guerrero” where she won the first place, “Francisco Alonso” and “Julián Gayarre” in 1996, where she won second place as best male singer, among others.

Carlos Marín has participated in a large number of operas, zarzuelas and musical theater plays before becoming part of Il Divo. Marín has been acclaimed as a primo baritone in several operas, including La Traviata, The Barber of Seville, La Bohème, Lucía de Lammermoor and Madama Butterfly. Some of his performances are available on CD, such as Don Giglio’s La capricciosa corretta or Damut de Marina’s version.

He has also participated in the zarzuelas of the Sabatini Gardens (Madrid), a meeting point for music lovers in summer, and in the gardens of the Royal Palace of Madrid. Some of his performances can be found on DVD, such as La Gran Vía, La Revoltosa, where he plays the role of Felipe and La Verbena de la Paloma where he plays the role of Julián.

He has also performed in several musicals, beginning in 1993 as Marius in Les Miserables miserables by Víctor Hugo (Teatro Nuevo Apolo – Madrid), and later in “El Diluvio Que Viene” as substitute for José Sacristán, “El hombre de La Mancha” in the role of Quixote, “Peter Pan” in the role of Hook, Grease “where he played the role of Vince Fontaine, and” Beauty and the Beast, in which he played the main role of the Beast.

Marín has also collaborated in the production of musicals such as “La Magia de Broadway” and “Peter Pan” on stage and on CD, and is also the musical producer of the Franco-Spanish singer Geraldine Larrosa, known artistically as “Innocence” .

He has also participated in movies giving voice to animated characters such as in the animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (Nightmare before Christmas) by Tim Burton, or as the Prince of the Spanish version of “Cinderella” by Disney, made in the year 2000.

Since 2011, and in parallel to his career as a member of Il Divo, Carlos performs concerts and solo performances.

In 2011, he performed a series of concerts in Spain with his tour “Carlos Marín, in concert” accompanied by Innocence, reaching a full sold out during his four only performances at the Compac Gran Vía Theater in Madrid.

On September 19, 2015, she performed at the final gala of the Miss Earth beauty pageant in Mexico.

From January 21 to 24, 2016, at the Compac Gran Vía Theater in Madrid, Carlos made a new show with the special collaboration of Innocence, which became a DVD that sponsored by Sony Music, in the spring of 2016 he achieved to be in the first sales positions in Japan and Spain.

In 2016, Carlos Marín, along with the singer Innocence, performed the main theme of Televisa’s most successful telenovela in these last years entitled “Las Amazonas.

On November 25, 2016, he performed at the Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City, and most recently on August 11, 2018, he brought his show to Sao Paulo (Brazil).